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Undercover videos from animal rights groups came under attack last month for being dishonest and unfair. This is definitely not news to any of us, but it is nice to see the media paying attention. This article questions why the undercover videos showing “poor” treatment of a dog on the movie set of A Dog’s Purpose were not released until a year later, to coincide with the movie’s release. Suspicious at best. This piece explored the concept that the activists are not interested in the truth about what goes on at farms, because they only release highly edited videos, which are not representative of the truth.

In other activist news, a woman in a dinosaur suit turned herself in for scaring the horses pulling carriages in New York. We still don’t understand how scaring and harassing animals can be part of a campaign to protect them. Vice published an article exposing an FBI investigation into animal rights groups, and this piece looks at how veganism comes at a price. If you care about protecting the fur trade against animal rights activists, read our definitive guide on how you can take action to support the people of the fur industry.

Sealing Season Here Again

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Sealing needs our support now as much as ever, writes Eugene Lapointe for Truth About Fur.

May was a month for hunting seals, and this is a great piece on why support for sealing needs to be renewed (pictured above). Meanwhile The Guardian published a piece on the why sealing is misunderstood, and this op ed gives us reasons why we need to save our sealers.

There were some great features on trapping last month of which these are our top three picks. Vice published a story of a woman who left the city to trap on her family’s trap line. And there were two “a day in the life” pieces, one about tagging along with a beaver trapper and another following a Labrador trapper.

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Fur’s not just for winter, believe Amal Clooney, Bella Hadid and Jennifer Lopez.

Are you sad about putting your furs away for the summer? Vogue gave us some great tips on wearing fur for Spring (pictured). If you are shopping for new furs, then this shopping guide provides a great list of tips. Bad news if you were looking for a very particular, special vintage piece. The fur coat that was worn on the Titanic and then on a lifeboat already sold at auction, for a cool $80,000.

mushroom leather seats in a Bentley
Just when you think you’ve seen everything, Bentley is considering upholstering its cars in mushrooms!

Let’s end with a few good tips:

Buy Domino’s pizza and thank them for supporting the farmers

Don’t buy Lush cosmetics as they are apparently kicking farmers out of their store.

We suggest you stay away from sea lions, or risk being pulled into the water like this girl.

When you are shopping for your next Bentley, make sure it isn’t one with mushroom leather seats (pictured). We think buying a car with vegan leather is a really fungi bad idea.

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