Things Animal Rights Activists Say – Part 1


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If you’ve worked in the fur industry or been vocal about your love for fur, then you have probably suffered some verbal abuse from animal rights activists. Animal activists like to claim they hold the moral high-ground and that they are the compassionate ones. Well, let’s look at some of the things these models of compassion say …

What they say about … poor labour practices in garment manufacturing in poorly regulated countries:

“I dont care about humans being exploited. animals arent in control of their destiny. period. i realise humans are massively destructive to everything. thats why i hate em.” [sic]

– animal rights activist (source)

If you hate humans so much, why don’t you go and live in the forest by yourself?

What they say about … committing activism crimes that land you in jail:

“We will demystify incarceration. Jail is not a problem. It presents an opportunity to recruit.”

– animal rights activist (source)

We agree! Let them all go to jail please!

What they say about … designer suicides. Two well-known fashion designers committed suicide in recent years, and this activist has a suggestion on why they might have ended their lives.

“I wonder if it is a coincidence that a number of designers who use fur, end up killing themselves? Hmmmm. Even they know how vile they are.”

– animal rights activist (source)

You are a jerk to even suggest this.

What they say about … AIDS research and the use of animals in medical testing:

“Even if animal tests produced a cure for AIDS, we’d be against it.

– Ingrid Newkirk, PETA (source)

Perhaps animal rights activists would like to volunteer themselves for medical testing?

What they say to … people who are pro-fur:

“You are as dumb as you look alike. It’s better to wear oil or whatever, just not a living being on me. How would it be if we kill your mother an’ skin her, so you can wear her skin as a jacket. That’d be cool, right? I guess you don’t care about any livin’ being. This post just made everyone know that you’re dumb as f*ck and potentional psychopath. You are clearly sadist though. Don’t post such comments on fb, we don’t need to know how stupid can you be, don’t promote your way of thinkin’, it’s stupid an’ everyone who read it knows you’re not a normal human being” [sic]

– animal rights activist (source)

Could they please learn how to spell, or at least how to use spell check?

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  • Former game show host Bob Barker(The Price is Right)turned animal rights wacko was against Fur Coats but wore Leather Shoes

  • The Fake Fur is made from Petroleum fossil fuels the same fossil fuels the Greenpeace idiots want left in the ground the same fossil fuels they fuel their ships and zodiacs on

  • I wonder what these animal rights idiots do when ants or flies get in their home and what about mice as well and of course cockroaches to and when a mosquito bites them and do they just allow it to happen and when their eat their vegan meals are they sure their veggies did’nt come from a place where they mualed up a bird that was nesting in the field and do they oppose the piosoning and removal of introduced rats to save the birds becuse according to those idiots from PETA rats are suppost to have the same rights as they do

    • Is this true? Computer parts are made from animal fat? More info please!

  • I wonder if PETA knows what introduced rats are doing to the native birds on this islands and in fact their acheaving susess on islands where rats are being poisoned and that’s a message to the PETA idiots including the one in the stupid rat costume protesting against SURVIVORS episode and carrying a stupid sign RATS HAVE RIGHTS only in PETA’s feavered dreams

  • This is why I LOVE free speech. Most intelligent people will be able to clearly see these idiots as the vile, contradictory and asinine morons that these activists truly are.

  • I guess these (and i use the term losely) people don’t wear leather shoes or leather belts , don’t use cosmetics, etc. etc. and now want the oil industry shut down , no more synthetic furs or fake leathers. I have to wonder what they will wear in future, shoes whittled from wood, no cant do that a tree would have to be sacrficed .

  • If this psychopath is for real why hasn’t she stopped using the insulin that is made from animals? HYPOCRITE.

  • Anyone who really cares about animals over people should jump off a tall building. Even if they’re vegan it will save the lives of thousands of animals who are killed in vegetable and grain harvesting machines.

  • Hope these people don’t wear any leather products as animals DIED in them being processed,and their lovely faux fur another good one all toxic,real fur all natural,cheers Peter Pemberton Wild Land Trapping

    • They care so much about fur animals but the FACT that whales and marine animals are being killed by the toxic petrochemical crap they support brings nary a pin drop. They don’t care about animals so much as they care about hating humanity and using animals as an excuse to be vile, violent and mentally deranged.

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