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Putting sexy back in sealskin: Nunavut seamstresses aim for high-end fashion market. CBC News.

Here’s our roundup of Fur In The News from March 2016, and since April marks the start of the sealing season, of course it’s in the news! Although the activists are urging Justin Trudeau to phase out the seal hunt, that’s not going to happen. And that’s good news for everything, including this restaurant owner who has taken to feeding a frequent seal visitor, since they are so overcrowded in the seas and they are running out of fish. Meanwhile, if you’re wondering where to get your next pair of seal stilettos or seal skin bra, look no further!

Speaking of the seas, here is a highly depressing article about how whales are starving because their stomachs are full of plastic, and another piece about the impact fleece is having on marine wildlife. What is the solution? We suggest buying fur, leather, and other long-lasting biodegradable materials because as this article explains, “vegan leather” (synthetic leather to most people) isn’t as ethical as its fans think.

montreal, furrier, fur coat, fur trade, fur designer
Sarkis Ajamian of Montreal lays out pieces of refurbished mink for a coat. Photo: The Canadian Press / Ryan Remiorz.

If you are looking to buy some fur, Montreal is a great place to start, as furriers there continue to practice this traditional Canadian trade (above). And if you need some inspiration on what to buy, check out the top 6 fur coats of 2015, or the incredible garments in the Remix 2016 competition.

We can’t write a roundup without talking about the animal rights warriors and, fortunately for us, it was almost all bad news for them last month. Let’s start with the fact that Canada’s Competition Bureau dropped the false advertising claim against Canada Goose, and the Supreme Court of Canada has given the green light to revoke the Humane Society of Canada’s tax-free charitable status. (Insert fist pump here!) The mink “liberators” (read: people who set mink free to starve to death or get run over by cars) have been sentenced, one with jail time and the other house arrest and a significant fine.

ricky gervais, hypocrite, fur, leather pants, sheepskin

In celebrity activist news, we’ve exposed Ricky Gervais as a fur hypocrite (above), and Pete Doherty (well known heroin addict musician) has joined the ranks of PETA by demanding a fashion brand stop using fur. Interesting that he is doing this while wearing leather shoes. And even the activists are in-fighting; this animal rights website is criticising how PETA raises its funds!

Our trapping story last month was a blog post about Neal Jotham and his work to promote humane trapping. We also released two new Q&A videos, this one about the role of trapping in keeping a balance in nature and an interview with a trap researcher.

wild horses, wood buffalo national park
Wild horses near Wood Buffalo National Park. Photo: JD McKinnon / Parks Canada.

Let’s end this month’s roundup with some nice looking pictures. This beautiful photo gallery in the National Post features several photos of trappers in the remote North, and what’s not to love about these lovely photos (above) of a herd of wild horses discovered in Canada? And last but not least, a very touching video of a wild otter giving birth.

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