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This is the second installment in our Hypocrite series, aimed at exposing influential figures whose anti-fur arguments are full of holes. Today we’re talking about pop singer Pink, a PETA spokesperson and meat-eating “vegan” who loves wearing leather shoes.

The Hypocrite: Pink, pop singer, “vegan”, and current model in PETA’s “Rather Go Naked” anti-fur campaign.

The Hypocrisy: Pink helps the animal rights organisation PETA to campaign against fur. PETA, not coincidentally, also promotes veganism. So, depending on the day of the week, Pink describes her diet as “mostly vegan”.

And what does this mean? It means she “occasionally eats chicken and fish,” and can even “eat entire buckets of chicken wings.” She can also eat “an entire cheesecake in one sitting.” She may love wheatgrass smoothies and tofurkey, but at the end of the day, she’s just an omnivore like the rest of us.

On the subject of fur, Pink entreats us in her PETA poster to “Be comfortable in your own skin, and let animals keep theirs.” But she has no problem with a cow losing its skin so she can wear suede boots.

Pink, fur, peta, rather go naked
“Be comfortable in your own skin, and let animals keep theirs,” says PETA spokesperson Pink, seen here resplendent in her suede boots. Photo: GC Images

What they say: PETA says, “P!nk has become known for being super-comfortable in her own skin—so comfortable that she teamed up with PETA and photographer Ruven Afanador to make her point perfectly clear: She wants animals to keep their own skin.”


What we say: Pink, your suede boots are lovely, but they’re made from animal skin. So stop asking the rest of us to let animals “keep their own skin” while wearing it yourself.

Also, your diet of mostly veggies, but with chicken, fish and cheesecake thrown in, sounds great, but don’t call yourself “mainly vegan”, or even a vegetarian, just because you think it sounds cool (or because PETA told you to). You’re an omnivore.

You and PETA are clearly a mismatch, so please stop endorsing them immediately.

We’ll eat our steaks, and you can wash down your chicken with a wheatgrass smoothie.

We’ll wear our fur, and you can wear your suede boots.

And we’ll all refrain from telling each other what to do and how to live our lives. Fair enough?

Pink, fur, peta, rather go naked
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  • Yes, it would be ideal if she were completely vegan but she still does a lot for animals animal rights: awareness, donating large sums, activism. If she is vegan most of the time, that is better than most people’s efforts. With encouragement, hopefully she’ll get there. Also, never understood why people make assumptions about someone wearing leather or suede when there are so many products made of faux leather or suede. I have owned boots just like hers that were definitely not real animal products. I know this site is trying to look down on others who fight against real fur but that argument is unfair. You guys aren’t pointing out potential hypocrisy because you care about animal suffering: you’re trying to excuse your own suffering by trying to prove others cause support suffering too. Pretty pathetic.

    • You have a complex way of putting things, Nat. The view from the fur trade’s side of the fence is much simpler. We are not now, nor ever have been, looking for a fight. It is animal rights activists who are constantly looking for trouble, and when someone like Pink attacks us, we respond. Can you suggest a better strategy? Are we just supposed to take it on the chin?

      • Her boots can be made of faux fur, so I don’t understand why you are making such cruel assumptions that can be wrong. You are the hypocrite here.

        • They’re not faux fur. Ask her yourself if you don’t believe us.

  • I really don’t get this article.
    Instead of criticizing her for doing something (not everything) she can about it…
    You rather say, “since she is wrong, just let us keep being wrong as well”…
    I don’t know about you, but I rather be a better person, the best version of myself. That includes not comparing myself to the worst (or bad) (or whatever), but actually doing my part, the best I can, bo matter how many people are doing wrong, cruel and horrible things out there…
    Honestly, this article is sickening… Typical egoic behaviour to point the finger at somebody elses mistake, judge… Instead of actually trying to better yourself, and stop financing the suffering of other living beings who do not want to die for you.

    • Hi Marina, how can you not “get this article”? It’s not rocket science. It’s just saying Pink is a hypocrite. That’s not so terrible when we consider that most people, and probably all, are hypocritical on some level or other. But people like Pink deserve to be called out because she is pointing the finger at others for doing something that she is doing herself. We didn’t start the finger-pointing. She’s a perfect example of someone who has failed to assess her own behaviour before criticising others.

    • Why don’t YOU ask her this to confirm YOUR assumption? What a childish answer. I’m not the one making posts with falss information. If you have any proof, than go for it. Go ask her YOURSELF and then put in in the post. Childish hypocrites.

  • To whom has written this article. Cancer is what you will have. Soon you’ll die, and you’ll be reborn into the lives of the animals you’ve eated and who’s skin you made into something you could wear.

    This is the law of karma.

    God is watching you filthy demon and you’ll get exactly what you DESERVE.

    Greetings from the lord. One and only QUEEN A

    • Not at all, Millie. Hate doesn’t come into it. We object to attacks on animal industries from hypocrites. That’s all. Don’t read something into our blog post that isn’t there.

  • Ok so at the end you say: let people live their lives but that’s hypothetical of you. Let animals live their lives to. I’m glad that she promotes veganism, even if she isnt a vegan because it does animals a huge favour. She’s famous and people look up to her. Of course it would be better if she went completely vegan, but something is better than nothing. Also her boots could easily be faux leather, it’s hard to tell.

    • Oh dear. It’s as plain as the nose on your face that her boots are suede.

  • How do u even know her shoes are leather? Have you seen the tag? They might be synthetic leather or maybe old shoes when she bought them before she decided to be vegan

    • Well, Amina, if you’re referring to the boots she’s wearing in the photo, we know they’re suede just by looking. There’s no need to see a tag. And because they’re obviously suede, that means a lamb or calf died for them to be made. Also, because suede is not very durable, they are unlikely to be more than a couple of years old … unless, of course, she bought them years ago, put them in storage, then turned vegan and decided to start wearing them. Anything is possible!

  • You don’t need to be Vegan or Vegetarian to be against fur.

    I eat animals almost everyday because I need to, but I can be against torture and fur clothing. Perfectly fine to me.

    • Yes, Anne, but this article isn’t about you. It’s about Pink. And Pink says animals should be allowed to keep their skins. If she’s only opposed to fur, but is fine with wearing leather, suede, etc., she should say so. Instead she creates the false impression that she’s campaigning on behalf of all animals. P.S. No one supports torturing animals.

    • Literally no one needs to eat meat to survive, that’s a typical excuse that I hear all the time. If you get sick on a vegan diet your most likely eating the wrong stuff.
      Ps you can’t be agaist animal torture WHILE paying someone to torture them so u can eat them.

      • That’s exactly the point Millie. While we don’t see what “torture” has to do with anything, if you take a position against killing animals while paying someone to kill them for you, you’re a hypocrite, like Pink.

  • Don’t judge people who are trying to make a difference. None of us are perfect.
    A perfect world is not a place we live in and so we should be trying in our own lives rather than judging others who are willing to stand up for others – she doesn’t wear mink coats and encourage abuse of animals for people’s vanity…

    • It sounds nice to say we shouldn’t be judgemental, but there’s nothing wrong with judging someone who is judging you. The equivalent in law would be saying that the accused has the right to face his or her accuser. Pink represents one of the most judgmental organisations on Earth, PETA, so there’s really nothing wrong with people judging her right back.

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