To Keep Telling the Truth About Fur, We Need Your Help NOW!


Alan Herscovici of TruthAboutFur

For the past four years, the small but dedicated team at TruthAboutFur has worked to tell the true story of our remarkable North American fur trade, while exposing the lies of animal-rights extremists.

We’ve made impressive progress.  According to the traffic monitoring service, TruthAboutFur is, by far, the strongest on-line voice of the fur industry … world-wide! As of February 9, 2020, Alexa ranked TruthAboutFur at 254,839 in terms of global Internet traffic. No other fur industry site ranked higher than 1,000,000.

Unfortunately, our ability to continue fighting is now seriously threatened. Market conditions and political battles in the US have slashed the industry funding that supported TruthAboutFur.

If you think the work of TruthAboutFur is important, we need your help now!

For the first time, we have added a “Donate” button to our website, blog, and Facebook page. Pressing that button can help TruthAboutFur continue its important work. Or if you prefer to donate by cheque, click here for information.

Your help can make a real difference. If every one of our 70,000 Facebook followers donates just $2, or 10% of them donate $20, we can maintain for the coming year.

Our budgetary needs are astoundingly small for so powerful a platform, and clearly no one is getting rich from this work! We can do it only because everyone in our little team is passionate about defending our industry.

But we can’t do it alone. The International Fur Federation helped us get this far, but now we need your help to continue fighting.

Thousands Finding Accurate Info – Every Day

Here’s a snapshot of what we have achieved so far:

  • now attracts between 30,000 and 50,000 visitors a month. That’s more than 1,000 people finding accurate pro-fur information each and every day!
  • Fully one-half of our visitors are from the US, which matters because this is where the battle over the future of fur is the fiercest. About one-quarter are from Canada, and another quarter are from around the world, mainly Europe.
  • Our audience is 50/50 male and female, so we’re reaching both genders — and we are speaking to young people, with the largest segments being between 18 and 45 years old. This is important because it is among millennials and the younger Generation Z that the battle of ideas is being fought the hardest.
  • TruthAboutFur is increasingly used by journalists, political researchers and others to get the industry’s side of the fur story.

We’ve achieved a lot, but we can’t stop now. With militant activists pressuring designer brands, retailers and politicians, we are engaged in a ruthless war for the fur industry’s very survival.

It’s time to stand up for our remarkable heritage industry – for the thousands of hard-working men and women who maintain the special skills and knowledge of the fur trade.

Animal extremists would like nothing better than to see TruthAboutFur fall silent, so please take a moment to press the Donate button. Help us to keep working for you!

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  • This website is about half truth, or to be impartial, it’s about half opinionated. It should be called “The Opinions Of Fur”. The information given by this group, and its supporters, about animal rights organizations (for example) is often exaggerated, taken out of context, or a link to outright fake news. Animal rights/welfare groups do the same thing, but if you think for one second that “Truth About Fur” is above all that, you are mistaken. I’ve seen other outdoor writers/websites who attempt to sway public opinion and promote their interests. The truth is, there are real problems in the world with using animals for fur, feathers, bile, fins, extracts, tusks, food, medicine and research. Farmed fur for fashion is arguably one of the least important to modern man, and the point-source of fur is seldom above reproach under any circumstances. This group is the equivalent (flip side) of PETA, or perhaps the Humane Society. Truth About Fur clearly has a business interest in farming and exports, which makes them unreliable for unbiased information.

    • For clarity’s sake, and just to demonstrate that you are actually reading our material and not just firing wildly from the hip, can you provide one example of us linking to “outright fake news”?

      • I’ll give a couple of examples, no problem.
        In your campaign to bash animal rights, I have seen links to websites (from your supporters) claiming that PETA wants to abolish pet ownership. The truth is, many PETA members are pet owners themselves. They have stated on occasion that it would be the lesser of two evils, considering overpopulation, breeding mills, poor treatment of pets and such, but they are not officially trying to abolish it. Ask them about it.
        It’s common to see how animal rights groups are hypocrites, don’t really care about animals, kill more animals than anyone else, etc. Yes, they euthanize animals in their care, but nearly all shelters across the country do it. PETA and others are trying to educate and campaign to eventually end the pet overpopulation problem. That is the difference between PETA and fur farms. They don’t want to kill in perpetuity, especially for something that is, arguably, as worthless as fashion.
        It seems to me that most of your information is a defense mechanism. For all the comments I have seen on your blog pages, I have never once seen you disseminate information from your supporters. You allow it, encourage it, and write it yourself. If the fur farm industry were to go bankrupt, they could start growing tomatoes for our own county. A much better use of resources.

        • Erm, ok, so that’s one supposed example, and I just have to guess where on our site we link to the “fake” claim that PETA is opposed to pets. But it’s ok. We don’t have to link to anything, because PETA’s leadership have stated this unequivocally many times over the years. Sure, many PETA members have pets, but it’s not the members we’re talking about. It’s PETA itself.

          • Nice of you to publish my correction. “Disseminate” is NOT the word I was looking for. lol. You pick and choose the information you publish, for sure.
            I looked into it. I was wrong. PETA does make an official statement on their website that pets should not exist. They go on to say why, much of which is undeniably true. However, you are not exactly right either. In their mission statement, they are far more concerned with other things. I think pet ownership is a side gig, wishful thinking, rhetoric or something like that. I’ve seen comments on your blog that say PETA members break into homes to steal pets, which almost never happens. And when it does, there is a very good reason for it that anyone decent human being would understand. If you think the world doesn’t have certifiable instances (and prevalence) of animal abuse, your really are narrow.
            Those animal rights people are not what you make them out to be. They take a hard look at animal industries, and in many cases, they have made the world a better place. A large part of your business seems to be focused on discrediting them, because even after the fur industry cleans itself up, they still oppose you on principle. In my opinion, they are right, and your not going to talk me out of it. The world wouldn’t miss fur farming much if it went the way of the Dodo. Those boys in Asia will just have to buy North Face coats.

    • Thanks for pointing this out. Despite thorough testing in advance, these things still happen! We’ll be in touch. If anyone else encounters difficulties, please let us know at [email protected]

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