Things Animal Rights Activists Say – Part 2


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If you’ve worked in the fur industry or been vocal about your love for fur, then you have probably suffered some verbal abuse from animal rights activists. Animal activists like to claim they hold the moral high-ground and that they are the compassionate ones. Well, let’s look at some of the things these models of compassion say …

What they say about … using foul language in front of farm animals:

“[it’s] conceivable that verbal abuse of an extreme nature [against any animal, including sheep] could constitute an act of violence” 

  • Nicolah Donovan, president of Lawyers for Animals (source)

I guess they never heard the old adage, “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.”

What they say to … a homestead farming family when they post a photo of a cow they have just raised and then slaughtered for food:

“What if I start raising children for raping? Would that be acceptable? Would that be better than raping another child? It’s stupid to think it is OK to kill animals.” 

– Luis Pacheco (source)

It takes a very, very sick mind to compare raising cows for meat to imprisoning and sexually assaulting children. A very, very sick mind.

What they say about … the fur trade:

“I can’t wait to start seeing coats made of human skin. As long as humans are raised on farms, I don’t see how it matters how they are killed.”

– animal rights activist (source)

I guess we should be grateful that humans aren’t being farmed, or we’d have to look out for this psycho!

What they say about … bugs’ lives and children’s lives:

“The life of an ant and the life of my child should be accorded equal respect.”

– Michael W. Fox, former vice-president, HSUS (Associated Press, Jan. 15, 1989)

Does this guy have kids? Do they feel the same way?

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  • I have freinds and their freinds that are vegan animal rights activists. Most seemed to start out innocently enough, then morph into full blown fanatics full of critical, judgmental and demeaning rhetoric and gotcha phrases. I’ve noticed of all their activist friends, some similarities. Almost all are female, don’t have children, don’t believe in the bible. Are college grads, and none doubt their position. Is it just me, or . . .

  • I like how you hand-picked the worst possible quotes to support your case againt animal rights activists. I am an animal lover, grew up in the country (US), know my way around chickens, horses, dogs and sheep. I saw my share of animals butchered, went fishing with my grandpa, ate hunted deer and elk, but totally can’t relate at all to your article. Not all activists are nut jobs, most of them do a good job of exposing abuses in the system, but yes, this might cost some business owners more money. The fur farming industry in the US is much more humane than it used to be here, or still is in some parts of the world, and I have to attribute that partly to activists. The same is true for animal husbandry practices in many other farming industries, so I don’t think people need to be entirely resentful of that. I choose not to buy fur because frankly, it is a luxury item that I view as unnecessary to my lifestyle, so it would be a needless use of that animal’s life for me. I might feel differently if I was a native hunter in a harsh climate. I thought this website was devoted to facts, and not emotional articles like the one above.

    • You make a perfectly valid point, Ann. Most animal activists assuredly are not “nut jobs”. But the truth is that over the years, animal users have compiled thousands of rude, threatening or simply insane quotes from activists, so it’s not really a case of hand-picking. We could simply dip our hand in a barrel and pull out a dozen doozies without even looking. Also, many of these memorable quotes come from leaders of the animal rights movement, so they cannot be dismissed lightly. On a positive note, the level of understanding of animal issues is far greater now than it was just 30 years ago, so the conversation is maturing and jaw-dropping comments of the kind presented in this post do seem to be falling in number.

  • Like every disagreement, there are two sides to an argument.
    One side is based on facts, and the other side is based on ‘feelings.’
    This anti-fur, anti-hunting-, anti-animal use pushed by these people of peta is totally guided by ‘feelings.’
    Feelings come from your emotions, your emotions come from your thinking, your thinking comes from the information that you are putting in your brain.
    If you program your computer with wrong information, guess what effect you are going to get? Yes — errors in output. It’s the old saying in the computer world: “GIGO” Garbage In Garbage Out.
    People with no knowledge of the use of fur or no interest in leaning the facts about their particular pet-peave (of which they only confer with others of their own opinion), will never move from feelings to facts. Garbage In, Garbage Out.
    These people do not want to move away from their self-righteous feelings and so will never advance from their ignorant ideals.
    Fortunately the public is not that stupid, hence the victory for us lies in continual education.

    Education takes involvement and money donations.
    Get involved!!

  • I just murdered a few ants this morning that came into my house uninvited, waiting for the police now. And I hear from Scots and Aussies that some sheep like a little cussing as part of the action.

  • You guys are so insane it’s funny. You actually think the words of activist are actually worse than your selfish malicious actions.

    They are radical for the oppressed

    You are radical for the oppressors

    Who are the real psychos

    • And you vegans are the most [expletive] up people on the planet, all of you freaks are from cities, yet claim to know all about animals, never seen a farm, talked to a farmer, all your bad facts come from peta or other vegan losers, nobody gives a [expletive] what you eat, meat is never going away, go spend your time on something useful

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