Fight Climate Change with Style: Wear Real Fur Not Fake


climate change

A million people took to the streets around the world, last week, calling on their governments to take action on climate change.

Individuals are expected to do their bit too, which usually means giving something up: our gas-guzzling cars, meat (for those who see cows as methane-emitting monsters), and the list keeps growing …

What we don’t often hear is that you can keep warm and look great while fighting climate change … by wearing fur!

Unlike most synthetics, real fur is not made from petroleum. For lots more reasons why fur is a great choice for those who care about nature, check out Also: Plastic Bags on Our Backs.

And for the truly dedicated eco-warrior, keep your furs on indoors and turn down the thermostat!

Heck, maybe you can even try going naked in fur! That should keep everyone happy!

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  • When are you going to realize that these animals are sentient beings not national resources. They live their entire lives in tiny metal cages and then get electrocuted, basically cooked from the inside out, shame on you for your complicity in the torture of millions of animals and your lack of humanity.

    • Dear Cindy, thank you for your response. In the early days of fur farming, animals were raised in large pens on the ground, but problems with parasites and diseases were common because the animals were in contact with their feces and other wildlife such as birds. Modern, raised pens provide a far healthier environment for the animals.

      Also note that the desire for wide open spaces, while common in humans, does not appear to be shared by animals. In the wild, mink and foxes establish territory sufficient to meet their food needs, but once these are met they retire to small dens where they feel secure. On the farm there is no need for territory as their food supply is assured.

      As for the use of electricity in euthanasia, yes, this is recommended for foxes because it has been found to be the most quick and humane method. It is done with specially designed machines to ensure humaneness. Electrical stunning is also used in the slaughter of food animals (hogs, chickens), and was implemented as an animal welfare measure. When you say that animals are “cooked from the inside out”, however, you are confusing euthanasia with microwave cooking.

    • Do you post similar comments on cooking blogs who make food with chicken and beef? No, you couldn’t post the same comment because they don’t electrocute millions of animals, they electrocute billions. I guess everyone who eats meat, wears leather, and fur have a lack of humanity! That’s 97% of the North American population, by theway.

      • Why yes, yes I do. I have left comments for all fur companies, stores that sell fur, stores that deal with angora and yep even meat blogs, stores, Campbell’s for adversting V8 juice as 100% veg juice (they forgot to mention that it has fish in it). I wear no fur, eat no meat – write petitons against the retail sale of animals in pet stores, work against the ending of all large commercial breeding of companion animals, report all abuse to MAPAQ, have a petition with for the ending of selling animals, and I am working on a petition now as we speak. Thank you for asking, oh, went to Fur Free Friday in Montreal. 🙂

        • I’m pleased to hear you aren’t a hypocrite only targeting the fur industry, however, your actions seem to be primarily focused on fur and not meat, which is odd since 25 million animals are used for the fur industry in North America vs. 12 billion for food (both annual figures.) And on that note, I don’t think there is much point continuing this conversation as I love meat, fur, and leather and will continue to consumer these things without guilt. In fact, I take pride in it.

          • No, I aggregate meat suppliers as well as angora sellers as much as people who support fur.
            Perhaps one day you will realize how wrong it is and come into the light from the “dark side”

          • I’ve always thought that the dark side sounds a hell of a lot more fun, especially now that you’re suggesting the opposite is a world free of leather, fur, and meat. I think I’ll stay over here, thanks!

          • Fun at another beings pain,torment and death doesn’t really sound like fun more like sadomasochism.

          • Nothing is “free” – I choose to wear fur that is either farmed by local farmers whose animals eat human food by-products or trapped by people up North where their survival depends on this industry. I chose this over wearing synthetics which are made from petroleum products. I hardly believe that your way of living is free from cruelty in some form. My decisions are different than yours, and so are most of North Americans.

          • I am very warm in my hemp coat. No cruelty whatsoever. And this company Hoodlamb supports Sea Sheppard in their quest to save our whales.
            What do you do?

          • You are warm in a Canadian winter in a hemp coat? I don’t believe you. I just bought a Canada Goose, made in Canada and uses wild coyote fur trapped by aboriginal people up North. I think I will be a lot more comfortable this winter than you.

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